Agency Opportunities
Looking to get out from under all the administrative work involved in owning an agency? Wish you could just concentrate on selling travel? No time to even think about marketing? Want to reduce your costs?
Our agency support program gives you all the support you need –and reduces your overhead! Let us take care of all your back office functions. We provide you with systems, product, marketing and your own bookable website.
  • Stay with the brand that your customer recognizes today
  • ClientLinq invoicing with your contact information and logo
  • Customized marketing including direct mail & email
  • Complete social media platform for agency and agents
  • Your own personal branded website with your existing domain name
  • Customizable website has six booking engines – all commissionable
  • The opportunity to support salaried or commissioned agents
  • The ability to save on telecom costs with many more features than you likely have today
  • Head office reconciliation of your commissions
  • Benefits of ACTA, CLIA & TIDS
  • For Ontario (TICO) and BC (BCCP) Becoming a branch and eliminating costs and administrative work
  • Travel Agency support
  • Ability to earn up to 100% of the commission
  • Access to a health benefit program
  • Eliminate costs like E & O, bank fees, merchant fees & TICO fees
  • Reduce costs for fees for accounting, payroll, telephone, toll free lines & association fees

“Have a Listen to What Our Agents are Saying”

“Have a Listen to What Our Agents are Saying”

When you join The Travel Agent Next Door, you’ve got the key to a toolbox of turn-key marketing solutions that are designed to make you more profitable.

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