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Our New Agent Program was created after consultation with industry experts. We wanted to design a comprehensive, professional learning program. We offer booking tools and systems that are easy to learn and easy to use. And we have a dedicated support team exclusively for our new agents!

What is important to us is that you are set up to succeed in today’s travel industry, with the right tools and all the support you will need. As soon as you successfully complete our program, you can start selling travel!*
*In B.C. & Ontario, agents must be compliant with provincial government regulations.

New Travel Agent Packages

Choose the One That’s Right for You!

To help you understand the above chart….

If you are new to the industry, you may not be aware of some of the terms in our chart or on our site. Here’s a glossary of terms.

The Rising Star:The Rising Star program is comprised of a number of sections. First you have suppliers. With the great buying power of TTAND we have secured some very special deals in the industry. This is what allows us to give the travel agent up to 100% of the at source commission. Depending on how much revenue you sell, you will be placed in a Rising Star category and the more you sell, the more you get to keep of the commission, right up to 100% of it. To do this, you have to support our preferred and approved suppliers. The TTAND commission levels are very competitive and it is sure to maximize your earning potential. You can earn more than you would with other companies.

Profit Share:

TTAND has some very unique benefits that have not been seen elsewhere in the home based sector.  Number one is our “Profit Share” program. This allows all agents no matter their level to earn at the end of the year. If you focus on earning 70% of your commission on our preferred and approved suppliers you are part of the program!! (It’s that easy)

Millionaire Program:

We also offer the “Millionaire Program” which allows the agent to earn additional benefits as you grow. From the day you start with TTAND the clock never stops counting. Every time you hit $125,000 in commission (before the split) then you earn a reward. This may take a year or 5, but all preferred and approved suppliers count towards the target.

Your own website:

We have talked about websites and that it is included for all agents. Keep in mind your website will not place first when someone searches in Google looking to book travel. Expedia and Air Canada will show up as they pay millions to make sure that happens.  The reason a bookable website is SO important is that it allows your customers to research all kinds of products from cruise, to package vacations to hotel to car rentals and purchasing excursions in a destination to travel insurance. If a site does not have this, then your clients have to go elsewhere to search for information and then what is keeping them from booking there?


One of the reasons that marketing is so important is simple, attracting new customer’s generally takes or costs 10 times as much as it does to keep a customer. If you do not market to your customer or “potential customer” then it is very simple, you are out of sight and out of mind. So we take the worry out of it and we do it regularly and we do a lot of targeted marketing. We are also the only company in Canada that INCLUDES in your fees marketing material that goes out to your customers by Canada Post, a guaranteed minimum of 45 pieces.

Social Media Program:

This is a tool that is very cost effective and can be done by you, when you want to.   But how to do it is a different question.   How to you load a PDF on your Facebook? How do you upload a video? How do you put your logo on promotions? Again we have taken the guess work out of this, and within two clicks you can have a promotion on more than 330 social media sites. It is so very easy and effective! Now one important thing, you do not always want to promote a trip, so we also have fun promos to “keep you top of mind”. What about posting a picture of a beautiful beach and simply having a caption saying “How can I help get you there”. Suggestive selling can be a very powerful tool and we have it, and it is included!

New Customers:

How to get a new customer?  We are not happy unless your sales are growing, so we do a lot to help make that happen and yes it is included in your fees! One example is our FREE TRIP GIVE-A-WAY, we always have a contest on the go that our agents can use on their social media sites to drive customers to their site and also can be used to help support events you attend, like a wedding show or consumer event. If you have a sign saying “Would you like to win a trip for two to XXX” then who would not stop and fill out the form?  That allows you to talk to the POTENTIAL new customer and obtain their marketing information. Again no cost to you and it helps grow your business!

Mentor Program:

There is also something else that is very unique to TTAND, you will be supported by a group of people whose ONLY focus is your success.  Our “Mentor Program”  allows you to ask all and any questions that you may have ensuring that you have support from A to Z giving you a better chance to succeed!

A Superior Accounting System:

We also have the best accounting system in the industry (in our opinion). This system gives you the ability to see your sales, see what commission is owed to you now, charge a credit card at 2 am on a Sunday morning if you are charging a customer’s service fees and be able to accept both cash and cheques from customers.

Other services:

We also offer services like toll free lines that can ring on your cell phone or you are able to receive a fax on your PC having your own personal fax number for just $10 per month. A very unique referral program utilizing a friend or business acquaintance. This allows you to put a portion of your earned commission into a pot for a person whose referring a customer to you, again NOBODY else offers this. You also have Errors and Omissions insurance and a starter kit including a name badge, business cards, stationery and baggage tags to get you started.

The Perks of being a Travel Agent:

There is no question that being a travel agent has many benefits, this can include everything from receiving free nights at an all-inclusive 5 star resort to getting reduced rates on flights. There are also other benefits from receiving Visa gift cards for every booking you make with a supplier or if you participate in training with a supplier, you can receive a free cruise. Like anything in life, there is a catch and sometimes new agents are not made aware of this at the start. Most suppliers will not take you on a trip for free until you have met certain industry standards. Two such IDs are ACTA and IATA. To be eligible for these ID cards you must have made at least $10,000 in commission and worked in the travel industry for at least 6 months before being eligible to apply. This should not be the only reason you are looking to start a career in travel, this is a benefit of a career in travel.  We are looking for people who want to grow both personally and professionally. We mean it when we say we are not happy unless you are making money. The perks are great, but first you need to prove to the suppliers you have earned those perks, but more importantly you need to show the suppliers that if they give you the perks that you will actively promote and sell their product afterwards.

The Travel Agent Next Door has so many unique offerings and the only way to truly understand them is to take the time to review them with us.  Please contact us so we can explain everything in detail . We understand we all have busy lives, but you are making a substantial investment financially, and of your time, regardless if you are taking the Bronze or the Gold level.  Do not be in too big of a rush, not all Home Based agencies are created equally or give you the same value for the money you pay. Take your time and we are confident you will come to the same conclusion we have — and that is– you are simply getting the best value for your investment with The Travel Agent Next Door!

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