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So you want to become a travel agent! You have come to the right place! The Travel Agent Next Door is the only travel services network that is 100% focused on its agents! We know we offer the best agent training program out there! We want to share our passion for travel with you!

And your timing could not be better –the travel industry needs new talent, as many of its veteran members will be retiring over the next few years. And when you join the Travel Agent Next Door, you will be part of the travel industry’s fastest growing network. One that is designed to support you every step of the way! Let us show you why a career in the travel industry is the right choice for you!

When you join the travel industry you will be entering a fast- paced environment that is always changing and always exciting. You will help people realize their dreams and also help them when they are in need. This is a global industry. You will interact with people all over the world. And yes, you will have a chance to travel yourself. But most of all, this is a people business, one where you will always be interacting with customers, suppliers, partners and your peers. Trust us – you will never be bored!

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Questions You Should Know The Answers To…

Prior to creating our New Agent Learning Program we did our homework. From our research, we found there are many differences in what host agencies offer. Here are some key questions you will want to ask when talking to us and to any other host agency.


  • Is marketing included in your fees or is it an extra fee?
  • Do they do the marketing for you and from you or do they create the material and you have to do it?
  • Is there a combination of marketing channels?
    • Direct Mail (Canada Post)
    • Targeted E-Marketing
    • E-Newsletters

Referral Program:

  • Do they offer a referral program that compensates friends and family that refer new clients to you?
  • Do they have a referral program that compensates friends or colleagues that refer new customers to you?


  • What is the length of the contract you will be asked to sign? Buyer beware! Some contracts are for 5 year terms and even after 5 years the contract says you are not able to work in the travel industry for 1 more year.
  • Are there many additional fees for marketing, websites, telephone that you should know before making your decision?

Personal Website:

  • Do they offer a personalized bookable website in their fees?
  • Does their website have booking engines that include Hotel, Car, Cruise, Packages, Insurance & Excursions?
  • Are you responsible for updating the content on your site or is it done for you?


  • How is the training delivered? Is it live (via webinar), prerecorded or classroom?
  • What materials will you receive? Will you receive actual textbooks and workbooks from an accredited training institute or is it a binder compiled by the host agency?
  • Does the host agency require you to make your bookings in Sabre or Apollo? While these tools may financially benefit the host agency, it’s not so easy for a new agent. These tools are difficult to learn and consume a significant portion of your scheduled training program.

And the final question, one of the most important questions for you personally:

  • After you start with your host agency, are you supported by a team dedicated exclusively to new agents or by an accessible, experienced agent of that host agency?

The above questions are key to know the answers to before moving forward with any host agency. As they always say, the devil is in the details! We would love an opportunity to review the program with you one on one. First we suggest you watch the webinar and then we will follow up with an email that contains a link to the frequently asked questions section. Alternatively you can call Rhonda, VP of Talent Development toll free at 1-855-727-8126.

When you join The Travel Agent Next Door, you’ve got the key to a toolbox of turn-key marketing solutions that are designed to make you more profitable.

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