Our block space, both through The Travel Agent Next Door and Ensemble allows you to book individual clients at preferred group rates through our cruise booking engine, Navigate. Through the Travel Leaders Network, we have access to thousands of value added benefits like shipboard credits and amenities as well as hosted groups with special excursions and more.

You will need Google Chrome to work effectively on ClientLinq. ClientLinq does support a Mac environment as long as Google Chrome is used with in it, but the interface to Sirev and insurance will not function. We recommend a Windows computer in order to have easy access to our systems including ClientLinq, Sabre reservations, our agent’s portal (extranet) and other booking engines. Sabre also has mobile access as per Sabre Agency services information.

You can use any internet service provider whether wireless or wired. We recommend a high speed internet connection. All programs run by The Travel Agent Next Door are cloud based. This makes it easy to access from any computer.
If you make the decision to use out telephone service, we do not recommend using satellite service as it may not be as clear.

Part of our negotiations when talking with preferred and approved suppliers is to ensure we have exclusive fams to provide you with an opportunity to learn their product. All fams that are exclusive to The Travel Agent Next Door will be promoted to you directly as well as posted on our agent’s portal (extranet). You can find out about other fams through the trade announcements.

Yes, but again please have all your marketing pieces approved before publishing or printing and you must follow the provincial regulations.

As long as you comply with provincial regulations, you can use your own trade name if you choose to. You will need to register your domain name for your website. All your marketing will go out from you based on the trade name you choose.

We know how important this is! We have negotiated great rates for you and your family so you can relax and be well covered! The group program allows agents to select from a variety of health and dental programs based on your individual needs. Once you have joined The Travel Agent Next Door, we will put you in contact with the insurance provider.

Our certified accountant offers a 15 minute free consultation. For a small fee she can advise you on a GST/HST requirements, what expenses you can write off, monthly/annual reporting and bookkeeping and more. Once you are up and running, she can take care of all your requirements including GST/HST returns and annual filing. She will set you up with all government requirements for a small start-up fee.

Our Accounting consultant can make starting up your business easy!

Yes! We are in the vacation business after all! We have vacation support for those times you are away exploring different parts of the world! From Rising Star level 3 and above, you will receive a certain number of vacation relief days. Any additional days will be at a cost of 20.00 per day.

We have great telephony options for you! All agents will get their own personal extension that can be routed directed to their PC/Laptop anywhere in the world. You simply have to load the program to be able to answer the call or you can pick-up your voice message in your voice mail box OR we can actually send you an e-mail with the voice message.

For a small fee, you can have the support of our telecom people to load the program for you onto your pc/laptop to be able to answer the incoming call.

We also have another great option for a small fee, and that is the ability to actually have a telephone in your home that will ring when you have a call coming into your extension.

We have two great options for outgoing calls and for long distance:

1) For $9.99 plus tax you can have unlimited outgoing calls in North America.

2) For $19.99 you can have your own personal phone number going to your home and unlimited outbound calls in North America